When the governments across the globe are struggling to tackle cyber-attacks and data breach, India has to come up with a robust comprehensive legal approach and framework to address crimes and data breaches in cyberspace.

In today’s digital world where government, private organizations and individuals are using technology and internet. Everybody who is using technology is vulnerable and you will be attacked, the bigger question is after being attacked how swiftly you can return back to normalcy and continue business as usual, this is known as cyber resilience.

Day in and day out government, private organizations and individuals are being constantly attacked by superficial net, but now attacks are taking place from ‘dark web’ where the identity of the hacker/attacker is very difficult to find.

Everybody needs to be aware about the cyber-attacks and cyber security by which they can take necessary steps to prevent the attacks and a robust mechanism to contain and respond to them.
It is also essential to have a solid legal system through which cyber criminals are brought to justice immediately and effectively.

The IT Act 2000 and its amendments are presently the only legal framework we have but it is also important for lawmakers to proactively study, predict and prevent cyber crimes by strengthening the existing Cyber laws.