Cyber crimes against law firms have become more persistent and successful, because they have caught the law firms off guard. Like other industries in the modern era, the legal world is vulnerable to cyber-attacks because hackers can breach the information technology through which communication takes place and date is stored digitally.
In today’s modern IT world all services are interconnected through a network. Hackers use this network to hack into your system and access and steal sensitive information. Antivirus, as a shield, prevents hackers from penetrating your system. But it is outdated now because hackers can counter an antivirus. The next most important thing is ‘data protection through a security platform’ which will restrict and restrain the hackers from causing damage.
All law firms need to have a full-fledged IT security team that will address the concern and have a contingency plan to evaluate all kinds of threats and devise a plan to deal with them.


4 Reasons to Digitalize your Law Firm’s Client Work.

Data security a constant threat to the legal industry, why are the law firms not noticing the obvious solution of digitalization?
In information communication technology era law firms are not behind to integrate ICT and offer any kind of legal services. It’s surprising, therefore, that many law firms are still not realizing the value of data security and still operating and producing paper-based work which is insecure. With ICO recent reporting the data security incidents with the legal sector have increased from last year 3 percent to 4 percent, and the majority of these incidents occurred from the loss and theft of paperwork. Now it’s the time for the law firms to integrate technology and work in a secured environment.
Here are five important reasons to migrate from paper based environment to paper less environment.
1. High Productivity.
According to a recent research employees in information industry like legal spend on an average 12.2 hours per week dealing with the creating, managing and organizing documents? What’s more interesting is that around six hours of this productive time is wasted. Simply put, digitalizing the documents allows for high productivity in the organization. Once the documents are digitalized you will be able to access the document more quickly than the hard copy. When the documents are digitalized you can also search documents using keywords which saves lot of time compared to locating the physical file and then finding the relevant documents. Likewise, electronic documents can be reviewed and revised by several colleagues at once. This saves lot of productive time of employees because there will be no limitation of sharing physical documents, one colleague at a time.

2. Structured Client Communication.
There are high chances that the clients work electronically so it’s important that we are on the same page. Working digitally allows your clients to and law firms to work more efficiently and communicate effectively. Because communicating effectively with clients play a very vital role to give the best legal service to clients. Working electronically and digitally lets your law firm and the clients to access and share documents via cloud storage software and email by which nobody have to worry about the time taken to courier to reach, courier charges. You can even make client communication more secure and efficient using legal project management software like Clio, HoudiniEsq, Lawcus etc.

3. Easy Access
Lawyers and Attorney-at-law are becoming mobile and are working on projects remotely if required. The technology gives them the advantage to either work from home or while travelling.
Digitalizing the documents gives the benefit of reviewing and sharing the documents with the colleagues at the same time. All you need is login details or link access to review the documents.
By integrating this in the law firm the lawyers and attorney-at-law will become more agile as heavy folders will not physically weigh them down.

4. Resources management
Migrating from paper based work environment to paper less environment will not just remove the financial burden of constantly purchasing paper but will also reduce the financial implication associated with your office space. The office space is your business physical assets and needs, like team size, govern the size of your office. Physically storing official papers may occupy lot of office space. Going digital will actually be more cost effective by saving the working space. By migrating to digital environment you are purchasing drive space. Purchasing digital space is extremely cost effective. If you purchase one terabit of storage device you can store 3,344,990 work documents.
There is still reluctance in law firms to fully migrate to the digital world, the primary reason being the fear of digital data security. However it is understandable that security risk lies both physically and digitally. A complete understanding of digital archiving, security and maintenance can improve performance and cut down on redundant and time consuming work revolutionizing the industry a great deal.